That this tour is the only way to visit all these places in one day? (Budikovac and St. Clements have no ferry or other connection to the mainland)

Blue Cave Tour
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Most usual question people ask us when booking is: "what is the difference between the regular and this tour"? The route itself is pretty much the same, you can see the map if you scroll down this page.

✔️ Boat type: 5 star boat type 
✔️ Cruising speed: 24 kn
✔️ Crew: skipper and hostess (tour guide)
✔️ Sunshade: yes, hardtop
✔️ Wind & Splash protection: yes
✔️ Refreshments: water bottles and juice
✔️ Refrigerator: yes
✔️ Snorkeling equipment: yes, mask and flippers
✔️ Tickets to the Blue Cave: yes
✔️ Wi fi: Yes, free of charge
✔️ Toillet: Yes


7:00      Taxi pick ups trough the island 
8:00      Gathering at Yacht Club Milna 
(here), walk to the boat and departure from the port

When we are all aboard the boat, we will be heading towards island Vis, passing the islands Brač and Hvar.  The ride is just over one hour  long.

1)  Our very first stop is also the farthest point from the mainland - island Biševo, where the Blue Cave is hidden. The island has no regular connection tho mainland or other islands, and is inhabited by only a dozen inhabitants. This far point is our first stop because the blue cave phenomena shows best during the morning hours

2)   After the cave we will head back to island Vis and visit a historical fishermen settlement Komiža. Here you can have coffee time and a quick look around (hint* museum of knots)
3)   Known as one of the Top 10 stopt is the whole world Sightseeing Stiniva bay has earned its place on our route. This cove is an absolute must see in this part of the Adriatic
4)  Next stop is chosen as the best place to swim and snorkel. Blue Lagoon with bluish and turquoise crystal clear sea of the in the waters near island Budikovac; are a true delight
5)   Another breath taking site are the Saint Clement island, Palmižana. The islands are planted with various indigenous plants, and nowadays protected as a natural monument
6)  Last and longest stop of the day is voted as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Island Hvar, Hvar town  is known as the sunniest Croatian island. A longer stop is planned here so you can experience true Mediterranean life style, have a guided tour of the town, visit the historical monuments, perhaps climb up the fortress and of course - to have lunch.
* Please bare in mind, lunch is not included in the price of this excursion, but our crew will be glad to recommend good dining options, as well as places to see.

16:30    Departure from Hvar
17:30    Return to Milna 

*The tour is led by a professional tour guide.

**Due to weather conditions we can modify the route or cancel the trip, for safety reasons. Note that the time schedule is only approximate, and can be adjusted to the current situation and conditions at sea, to provide the most enjoyable excursion for all participants.

This tour is the best way to discover Mediterranean in just one day.

Blue Cave is the best known cave in the Adriatic, and the “peak” of this tour. But all 6 spots are a must see when visiting these waters.

1) The Blue Cave, located in the Balun bay on the eastern side of the island Bisevo, and to access it we have to embark a smaller wooden boat.
2) Visit to Komiza, a charming village at island Vis known for its fishermen history. An hour is planned to visit and explore. The schedule of this stop can alter to before of after the cave and it depends on the weather conditions.
3) Visit to the STINIVA BAY is located on southern side of island Vis and is probably one of the best known places in the area - voted the best beach in Europe 2016.
4) Well known Blue Lagoon near island Budikovac. Most of the underwater video you find on our page is filmed here. In the lagoon you will have time to swim, snorkel and relax.
5) Saint Clements islands and Palmižana. The area is a protected park / forest, and it is planted with various indigenous plants.
6) Visit to the island Hvar, and the town of Hvar. This is also our longest stop, as we like our guests to experience the most this city. This way you have enough time for a guided tour of town, to visit significant historical monuments, climb or drive up to the Fortress and admire the view of Saint Clements archipelago.