That this tour is the only way to visit all these places in one day? (Budikovac and St. Clements have no ferry or other connection to the mainland)

The first question that might cross your mind is "what is the difference between the regular and this tour"? The route itself is pretty much the same and you can see its map if you scroll down this page. The most important feature of this tour is a 5 star boat type "Colnago" that offers a significantly better experience. The guests are provided with a welcome drink and the boat is equipped with highest quality (hard top that provides solid sun shade, has a lateral spray protection, comfortable bench type seating, it allows passengers to sit or stand while travelling, on board toilet is available during the ride).

No differences are made in the route itself; The meeting place is at the Yacht Club Milna in Milna, at 7:45 , just below hotel Milna. When all the guests arrive we will embark and leave towards island Biševo.

When we are all aboard the boat, we will be heading towards island Vis, passing the islands Brač and Hvar.  The ride is approximately one hour and a half long. Our very first stop is at a small island south to Vis - Biševo, where the Blue Cave is hidden. It is important to get to the cave before noon as the phenomena shows best during the morning hours. After the visit to the cave, we will head back to island Vis to visit a typical Mediterranean village - Komiža, and afterwards magnificent Stiniva bay. This cove is an absolute must see in this part of the Adriatic, listed as one of top 10 in the whole world. On our way to we will make a stop in a blue lagoon of the Budikovac island. The lagoon is chosen as the best place to swim and snorkel.  After the lagoon we will head to the St. Clements’s islands and will have a drive by to see its magnificent nature. Our last and longest stop of the day is island Hvar, Hvar town. A longer stop is planned here so you can experience true Mediterranean life style, visit the historical monuments, perhaps climb up the fortress and of course - to have lunch.  Please bare in mind, lunch is not included in the price of this excursion, but our crew will be glad to recommend good dining options, as well as places to see.

Return to Milna is planned at 5:30 pm, please keep in mind - our route depends on the weather conditions. We can modify the route or cancel the trip, for the benefit of all travelers. Safety is always first!

**IMPORTANT: Note that the time schedule is for orientation purpose only, the trip can be canceled or adjusted (due to the current situation, conditions at sea or due to long awaits at the cave) to provide the most enjoyable excursion for all participants.

ADULTS: 145 € (10 € discount for on line bookings)
CHILDREN (0 - 10 YEARS OF AGE): 75 €  (7 € discount for on line bookings)
Price includes: Boat, skipper, fuel, a bottle of water per person
Boat type: Colnago 35 or similar (sunshade, toilet, full safety equipment, welcome drink and refreshments)
Minimum no. of people: 6, Maximum: 12, depending on the boat type
Duration: 9-10 hours

Extras: (not included in the price): gratuities to guide/skipper, lunch.
Tour type: Sea tour, family, young people, adventure, swimming, nature, historical
Boat type:  super premium class
Required experience: Not recommended for pregnant women / not recommended for people prone to motion sickness
Disabilities friendly: Yes, but upon consult for further details
Kid friendly: Yes, but not recommended for children under 3 years



BLUE CAVE & 6 ISLANDS ROUTE with a bit of extra




Please note that the
time schedule is for
orientation purpose only,
and can be adjusted to the
current situation and
conditions at sea,  
to provide the most
enjoyable excursion
for all participants.


Hoover (or click) over square for info.

1) The Blue Cave, located in the Balun bay on the eastern side of the island Bisevo, and to access it we have to embark a smaller wooden boat.
2) Visit to Komiza, a charming village at island Vis known for its fishermen history. An hour is planned to visit and explore. The schedule of this stop can alter to before of after the cave and it depends on the weather conditions.
3) Visit to the STINIVA BAY is located on southern side of island Vis and is probably one of the best known places in the area - voted the best beach in Europe 2016.
4) Well known Blue Lagoon near island Budikovac. Most of the underwater video you find on our page is filmed here. In the lagoon you will have time to swim, snorkel and relax.
5) Drive by the Saint Clements islands and Palmižana. The area is a protected park / forest, ant it is planted with various indigenous plants.
6) Visit to the island Hvar, and the town of Hvar. This is also our longest stop, as we like our guests to experience the most this city. This way you have enough time for a guided tour of town, to visit significant historical monuments, climb or drive up to the Fortress and admire the view of Saint Clements archipelago.

7:00      Taxi pick ups trought the island 
      Gathering at Yacht Club Milna, embarkation and departure from Milna
1)   Island of Biševo – visiting  Blue Cave, which is located in the Balun bay on the eastern side of the island
2)   Komiža, a charming village at island Vis known for its fishing history
3)   Sightseeing of Stiniva bay on southern side of island Vis (voted the best beach in Europe 2016.)
4)   Visit to the blue lagoon near island Budikovac; time for swimming, snorkeling & relaxing
5)   Saint Clement island, Palmižana – drive by the islands
6)   Visit to the island Hvar; guided tour through the town, lunch and coffee time
16:30    Departure from Hvar
17:30    Return to Milna, a picturesque small place in a beautiful bay of island Brač.

*The tour is led by a professional tour guide.

**Due to weather conditions we can modify the route or cancel the trip, for safety reasons. Note that the time schedule is only approximate, and can be adjusted to the current situation and conditions at sea, to provide the most enjoyable excursion for all participants.



We headed off for a 10 hour tour with our skipper (sorry missed his name) and Mel for a great day out. We had chosen to take the slightly more expensive boat with the sun canopy and after seeing other boats on the water, were really happy we did. Ours gave us plenty of shade on a hot day and room to move about. We also had a toilet and cold water. There was a bit of a delay at the Blue Cave but totally worth it once we got our turn and the 3 swimming spots were fantastic. We lunched at Hvar and opted to choose our own restaurant rather than go with the crowd. I thank the crew for helping me on and off the boat and out of the water-they made it all so easy. I will remember this trip and recommend it to others.
Traralgon, Australia



There were 14 of us in total so decided to hire the larger boat.

Our hosts Rusty and Diana were superb and couldn't do enough for us and put us under no pressure time wise. Other reviewers have commented on the trip itself. 


Eastbourne, United Kingdom




This tour is slightly more expensive than the others but it pays off! The boat has a great sunroof, the crew is super organized & very nice! The tour was fantastic & the whole day, I felt very comfortable. In hindsight, I would have picked a restaurant for lunch individually - Hvar has plently of options & as a foodie, we would have picked something different. 

La Paz, Mexico